Upgrade from Win10 Pro to Win10 Enterprise dynamic group

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Hi everyone,

I'm just seeking a bit of advice on the best way to accomplish this.  We will be asking regional and international users to go to a retail outlet and purchase a Microsoft Surface device (which will be Win10 Professional).  When they bring the device back to the office, they will go through the OOBE setup and sign in with their email address - thereby enrolling the device into Azure AD and our Intune tenant.



I will then use a MAK key to upgrade these devices from Win10 Pro to Win10 Enterprise.  The policy to do this I have all worked out, but what I am trying to accomplish is a way to dynamically do this without manually adding each machine statically to the group where this policy is appiled.


I can't see a way to do this.  If I create a group and select "dynamic device" and go to create a query - can anybody shed some light on what option I should pick?  None of these seem Win10 SKU specific.  


Or....is there a better way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  




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Hello Noel,


I think Windows AutoPilot may be what you are looking to implement as one of the things it can do is automatically convert the device from Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise.


This was a session at Microsoft Ignite which goes over it in detail.


Deploying Windows 10: User-driven cloud deployment with Windows AutoPilot








Thanks for your reply Aaron. Unfortunately in this instance Autopilot won't work. The users are purchasing their devices through retail channels, so there's no way of knowing the hardware GUID to pre-stage them before hand. I have found a solution though. I posted the same question on technet, and someone simply mentioned why not make a group of users who will buy the machines, and assign the Edition Upgrade policy to them (instead of trying to dynamically identify the device). I know which users will be making the purchases, so I thought I'd give it a try and it works just fine. So this is the way I've done it now.

You are welcome. I am glad you have found a solution that works for you now. Always a good feeling!


I did want to point out that in the future, hardware manufacturers will be able to load those Unique Hardware IDs ahead of time (pre-stage) into the AutoPilot Service so it may be something to keep on your radar. They discuss that starting about 25 minutes in to the session in the YouTube Link I posted yesterday! 




Depending on your licensing you should be able to use the Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5 subscription.  You assign the license to the user so when they join the device to AAD (and Intune) it will automatically apply the upgrade license.


More info can be found here