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Updating Quick assist

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Hello all,

I have just implemented Intune management at my company and I am still quite new to the topic. We currently have the problem that when opening Quick assist, the message comes up that it must be uploaded via the Windows Store. Is there a way to do this via Intune.

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I have explained exactly that in my blog post. Hope this helps you.


How do you remove the older quickassist? When trying to use the new one during autopilot deployment using "quickassist" command the older one still pops up even if the new one is already instaled as a Offline application during ESP.



@gerardoamadeus : Microsoft will fix this bug with a newer version.




 You can deinstall the old version first via this powershell or you can delete the shortcut via a remediation scrip. Let me add this to my blog:

$checkQuickAssist = 
Get-WindowsCapability -online |
where-object {$ -like "*QuickAssist*"}

if($checkQuickAssist.state -eq 'Installed'){
        Remove-WindowsCapability -online -name $ -ErrorAction Stop


I have include this in my blog (Update 18.06.2022):
Awesome, thanks!