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Updating Box & Slack through Intune

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We would like to upgrade Slack & Box through intune.
we tried to upload a new MSI for Box with a newer version but getting error message 

Fatal error during installation (0x80070643)

Do we first need to run a uninstall assignment and then push out a new assignment with newer MSI?
Or is it possible to upgrade box without running uninstall assigment?

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See whether you have more success with wrapping the Box MSI with the Intune Win32 wrapping tool:


Use the Microsoft Store for Business to deploy Slack instead: No packaging required.

I was able to successfully update Box by uploading a new MSI and setting the 'ignore app version' toggle to 'No,' without any uninstall assignments.  From my experience, it is possible, sorry that doesn't shed light on your error though.