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updating 3rd party apps


Hi Folks


Just wanted to get a consensus on what others do and would recommend in my scenario around updating Win32/MSI apps in Intune.


I am working with a customer who hasn't got the investment to make in a 3rd party patching solution such as patchmypc so I am working with the customer to look at the feasibility of updating apps manually using Intune. The customer has a handful of apps which need updating and a lot of the apps are Line of business and a few from the major vendors such as Adobe, VLC, 7-zip etc. 


If the customer is deploying the apps using MSI and wants to perform an update of an existing MSI already deployed, can the original MSI be updated just by going into the client app, and update the file from 'select file to update' and push the update out to clients. Would this process work?


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




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I would advise you to create a new app and remove the old app assignment.
This way you can monitor the old and future installations.

First third-party appliations, have you looked into Chocolatey (

This is an open-source software that does automated patching
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@Thijs Lecomte thank you for this, I wasn't aware of Chocolatey but am now!


Would this be an alternative solution to MSIX? I am aware MSIX require apps to be signed with a certificate but don't see that being the case with this. Would that be correct?





MSIX is not the same as Chocolatey.
MSIX is the successor to MSI and doesn't provide auto updating

Seems like it does but you still have to package the new MSI into an MSIX file.



Yes, but then you need to manually upload the new MSIX file everytime.

Chocolatey does that for you

@Thijs Lecomte Thank you for clearing that, I wasn't sure about that.