updateDeviceProfileAssignment returning 200 OK and not 204 No Content

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Recently there has been a change and I cannot find what may have changed. 


The following issue I am having is that when trying to change the enrollment profile of an iOS device using .net and httpclient, I am getting back a 200 response with an empty object. I have tried both in my code and with in Graph Explorer. Just last week I was getting a response 204


    "deviceIds": [

Authorization: Bearer {token}
Accept: application/json

Permissions Granted:

Here is the response:

200 OK


    "client-request-id": "38ed1c72-7704-77f2-a979-cba9cc8a30ce",
    "content-length": "0",
    "request-id": "889d6054-4721-43ed-94e6-de8b636bb524"

The response should be a 204 and the profile should be changed. What am I missing? Getting the response of 200 at least means the call is working, but it's not adding the profile to the device. I assume that if that if the profile is added, then I would get the 204 response.

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