Update to win 11 on a windows 10 OOBE

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Hi all,
I got 250 new devices which come with windows 10 professional however I want windows 11 to be on these devices. I want to use a provisioning package to enrol the devices to intune and as Windows 11. 
If I use set up School PC's to create the package, I noticed a section you can add in a product key. If I add in the windows 11 key will this work? Is there a requirement for which version of windows 10 is needed originally on the device for me to update to windows 11 via adding the key into this provisioning package? 




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Whether using the "Set up School PCs" or "Windows Configuration Designer" app to create a provisioning package that joins Windows devices to Azure AD and enrols them to Intune, the option to input a product key is used to upgrade the edition on the device (see So for instance, you could upgrade from Windows 10 Home edition to Windows 10 Pro edition by inputting a product key for Windows 10 Pro.

If I understand your question correctly, your goal is to enrol devices to Intune using a provisioning package and ensure they upgrade from Windows 10 operating system version to Windows 11. As such, there there are two ways of achieving your end goal - (1) upgrade first, then enrol or (2) enrol first, then upgrade.

Option 1: Install Windows 11 first (manually using installation media or otherwise) and then enrol the device to Intune from Windows 11 out-of-box environment. This option is the fastest and means you're in control of the operating system installation process.

Option 2: Enrol the Windows 10 device to Intune from Windows 10 out-of-box environment and use a Windows Update for Business "Feature updates" policy (see to upgrade the devices to Windows 11.

I think I am going to go with option 1 as option 2 wont get all devices on windows 11 before we hand out devices. Option 1 after testing is way quicker.