Update Compliance Not Getting Data

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I'm in the process of getting 100-ish systems under management via Intune. Working with the users I've gotten most of them Azure AD Registered with Intune as their MDM. After these systems were added and available in the Endpoint Manager console, I began configuring Update Compliance. When I look at the configuration policy, I can see that all of the systems have successfully applied the policy. I've run through all of the steps in the documentation and several other troubleshooting documents but 4-5 days later I see no data. Any thoughts?




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I remember configuring Update Compliance was tricky. Multiple spots to be configured. The big ones were Allowing device name in telemetry and enforcing telemetry setting. Going to share with you this blog, it was very helpful for my setup two years ago.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for this. I've reviewed his configuration as well as the MS docs and several other sources. All of the configuration steps look the same yet here I am with no data.