Update Android Apps using Intune Full managed

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Hi everyone,
I need to update (V2)  the version (V1) of one of my Android Apps though Intune.
This apps is private for our company, and deploy though Intune on our fully managed device (ie kiosk mode) using managed google play.

Today, we update the version on Google Play and the version appears as updated on Intune platform in the application part.
Sadly none of our device catch the new V2 updates of this apps and remains in V1 even if V1 doesn't exist any longer.

We've tried to force synchronisation smartphones, restart ...
I was wondering what i did miss or if there is anything i could do.
Ths application will be updated on a very regular basis so i need to figure out how to manage my fleet.

Thanks for ur help :)


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There are several things that need to be done for this to update. The most important i believe is to make sure a new version number is in the updated app, as if you assign the same version number it will not see a change to deploy. The second is to set it to high priority, so it will deploy the update faster.