Unknown filter (Notes eq 'bc3e5c73-e224-4e63-9b2b-0c36784b7e80') in Intune

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While working with Intune Graph API, I noticed a weird filter in the endpoint.microsoft.com used in their API calls.


$filter:(Notes eq 'bc3e5c73-e224-4e63-9b2b-0c36784b7e80')


I am trying to sort the devices in the response by their enrolledDateTime. I used the orderBy parameter in the request, but I couldn't get the desired response.




When I used the above filter along with the orderBy parameter, the devices in the Graph API response were sorted. I couldn't find any data on the specific filter. It seems like the filter is hard coded into the website. Could you please provide any information about this filter used in the endpoint.microsoft.com API calls ?


GET 	https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/deviceManagement/managedDevices






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