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Hi to all.

I have a doubt when assinging a group to uninstall an app from a device. Look at the context:


I have an app which is assigned to be installed to all computers in a group (Intune-computers). Now, I need to uninstall that app from just one of those computers, so I put that computer in a new group (app-X-uninstalling) and my question is:


How does the system behave in this situation?

The computer is in the group of installing (because is being applied to all computers with Intune) and at the same time the computer is in a group of uninstalling that app. Will Intune uninstall the app for that computer? Will Intune then install it again as the computer is still in the aiming group to install it?


Which is the best way to do it? 


Thanks in advance.

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Uninstall has a higher preference, so if the device is in both install and uninstall groups.. It will just uninstall and not install again.

Important scenarios exist when including or excluding app assignments:

Exclusion takes precedence over inclusion in the following same group type scenarios:

Including user groups and excluding user groups when assigning apps

Including device groups and excluding device group when assigning apps

For example, if you assign a device group to the All corporate users user group, but exclude members in the Senior Management Staff user group, All corporate users except the Senior Management staff get the assignment, because both groups are user groups.

Intune doesn't evaluate user-to-device group relationships. If you assign apps to mixed groups, the results may not be what you want or expect.

For example, if you assign a device group to the All Users user group, but exclude an All personal devices device group. In this mixed group app assignment, All users get the app. The exclusion does not apply.

As a result, it's not recommended to assign apps to mixed groups.

Thanks for your reply!