Unable to retire Android Device

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I have a number of iOS and Android devices as part of an intune <--> app , compatibility verification. I recently enrolled some devices into a Corporate, not a BYOD/Work profile and I now want to un-enroll one device entirely. But I'm not seeing the button in the console or in the app which I was hopeing to see.


If I "bulk configure" I can see a menu in the console to retire devices, but for this device there is no retire icon when I open the device alone. What am I not doing, or is the only way to retire a corporate enrolled android (It's an Android 14 PlusOne 10T device) to factory reset? The device in question did upgrade from oxygenOS 13 to 14, but not convinced that has anything to do with what I see in the console. I was able to un-enrol an S8 phone that was also in the Corporate catalog, by moving it to a work profile, and then removing the Portal app from the device just fine, so a bit puzzled with the PlusOne phone.


Also the "sync" button in the console has been removed, which is curious, not sure it really ever worked, but the button is not in my console, hence I am guessing it was a browser issue, but not convinced as I have been struggling for a whole day and am about to just do a factory reset. 

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Basically, nothing of the settings described on this page is available to me for this one device
I removed the "Company Portal" from device administrators, rebooted. An app called "Device Policy" is the only administrator app on the phone, and i'm unable to remove that. Intune refuses to uninstall.
I have given up, none of the options described in https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/user-help/unenroll-your-device-from-intune-android are visible, so I have factory reset the device. Removing "Company Portal" as an device admin did not do it, the app "Device Policy" was only app set as an admin, but I was unable to modify it. Basically the web console was not showing me any way to retire the device.