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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Unable to reset passcode on Android devices.

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I have been trying to reset passcode of an Android 9 device (Fully managed) remotely using device actions on device blade, but reset passcode remained Pending for over a day. Is this a normal behaviour? How long does it take for the action to be triggered on the device? 


I can collect logs on a test device and review the status of the action. However, if one of the end users encountered this issue, are there any troubleshooting steps can be done to resolve the issue?  


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@Eronad Any remote actions such as reset/wipe/password etc takes up to 8 hours to trigger on the device based . 

if you want the action to be performed immediately, you can sync the device from the MEM console that help to receive the remote action policies by the device at faster.