Unable to re-enrol mac to Intune - Profile Installation failed

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I am unable to re-enrol mac to Intune. I get error the attached error message while downloading profile from company portal. Profile Installation failed - Could not download the identity profile from encrypted profile service. The credentials within the device enrolment profile may have expired.

Any idea what could be the issue?


Just a side note, this is a brand new mac. First time enrolment worked perfectly but when i retired the device from Intune and tried to re-enrol, i get this error.





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Just to be 100% sure.. there are no enrollment restrictions configured ? to prevent macos from registering in intune?

Yes, we have Enrollment Restrictions rules set in a way that it should allow me to enrol personal mac.

After you have retired the device, could you check what happens when you manually delete the device from intune and try again?
Unfortunately I have only 1 macbook for test so i cannot really reproduce the error. Device is not showing up in intune. Do we have to delete something locally from macbook ? maybe old profile files are stored somewhere
This is resolved. I deleted all the credentials related to my work or school account from Keychain, uninstalled Company Portal, tried again - it worked.

@yashsedani : There could be multiple reasons why the profile installation fails. I have published a troubleshooting guide on resolving the profile installation warning during the macOS enrollment: https://www.prajwaldesai.com/fix-intune-profile-installation-failed-during-macos-enrollment/


I hope this helps :)


Hey guys

i just installed a VM with macOS 14 in Parallels 19 on my MacBook and receive the same error. I checked all the possible solutions in the link above but that isn't the issue.

Does anybody have another idea, what could be the reason for this message?