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Unable to Publish an MSI application to Intune

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While trying to publish to Intune, I am getting an following error message:
 ERROR: IntunePlugin.AsyncExecutor.RunSync - Status Code: Unauthorized Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: UnknownError Message: {"ErrorCode":"Forbidden","Message":"{\r\n \"_version\": 3,\r\n \"Message\": \"An error has occurred - Operation ID (for customer support):".

I have given the following permissions for the application.


Please help me in resolving this issue.

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Could you share the exact code you are trying to use?

Hey @Shashikiran1985,


the Intune App write permission write is a Delegated permission so you need to have a service account (an user) this user needs to have a valid Intune license assigned, otherwise he can't use Graph endpoints for Intune. Did you check if the service user has a license for Intune correctly assigned?




@Shashikiran1985  Status Code: Unauthorized--> Refers to the permission related issue.

How are you publishing the app? using script or manual method?