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Unable to log into Microsoft Intune - Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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Having issues Logging into Microsoft Intune on a Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Box. Have installed Edge, then Intune following the Microsoft guide however I cannot Sign into Edge, I get a Something went Wrong [1001} error. 


When trying to sign into Microsoft Intune App, It takes you to a page in Edge for SSO. You enter your details and it tells you to install the Intune application in an endless loop.


Has anyone managed to fix this? 



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Hello @NathanTTP 


Welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Recep I'll be happy to help you today.


Please follow the below steps to resolve your issue.

  • Ensure that your Ubuntu 22.04 LTS system meets the minimum requirements specified by Microsoft for running Intune.
  • Make sure that your Edge browser is up to date. You can check for updates using the package manager for your Linux distribution.
  • Clear the browser cache to eliminate any cached data that might be causing authentication issues.
  • If the issue persists with Edge, try using a different browser like Firefox or Chrome to see if the problem is browser-specific.
  • Ensure that your Ubuntu machine has a stable and reliable internet connection. Network issues can sometimes cause authentication problems.
  • Double-check the configuration steps you followed during the Intune setup. Ensure that all necessary steps have been completed accurately.


Unable to log into Microsoft Intune - Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Microsoft Community Hub





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@Deleted Hi, Thanks for your input on this issue. 

We do meet the requirements for enrollment according to the check list you have sent.


Yesterday, I removed this user from the conditional access policy that was in place to force users of linux machines to only connect using Compliant devices. This allowed me to log in and enroll the device, Switching the conditional access policy on again then broke login to Microsoft Intune.


I have been told today by Microsoft support that a Linux limitation is that it does not support conditional access policies. If you have a conditional access policy in place there will be no way for Linux to enroll or check compliance if you enroll and switch conditional access on after. They have said they do not currently have any documentation on this subject and there is no current plans on resolving this. 



Not sure if that will help you much, anyway I have been doing some tests with a colleague about Intune on Ubuntu 22.04 yesterday night.
I went into that loop, that I believe you describe.
Only thing to be done, was to stop and restart applications.
Now there was no conditional access whatsoever, but I can say that it's far from being stable yet.

Hope it helps.
Yes I managed to get logged in with no conditional access and enroll the device however the apps crash constantly, struggle to check for compliance etc so its far from stable. But the solution does not work for us without the conditional access side of things as were not going for BYOD.
Thanks for your input.