Unable to deploy via whiteglove/autopilot

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in the Whiteglove/Autopilot deployment it remains in Step 2 "device configuration" at the app installation part (example 2 of 11 apps). A look into local logs or events shows that all apps and powershell scripts are installed.


Even in the Intune Portal you can see the success for all apps and scripts.

There are no errors in the logs/events.


Has anyone had the same experience? Vers. Windows 1909 (Dell & Microsoft Devices)


Thanks in advance

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@trebelow one of the best Intune tutorials for free 


and if you try first to disable the "white-glove" option, use with a few as pilot computers first no apps just image reset. If that works you can deploy apps later. Check the video above where you have every single step explained in detail.




While investigating the entries all the way up I found this line in 3 of 10 whiteglove deployments:
[LOG[[Win32App] ESP CheckDeviceAndAccountSetupStateWithWmi all apps completed for device]LOG]!


So this was rather strange because the ESP said it was still waiting for an app installation.

<![LOG[[Win32App] Exitcode is defined as success but it actually failed according to detection result]LOG]!>

<![LOG[[Win32App] Set EnforcementStateMessage EnforcementState: Error, ErrorCode: -2016345060]LOG]!>


attached the log.