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Unable to deploy built-in apps with Intune

Steel Contributor

I'm attempting to deploy apps from the "built-in apps" catalog provided by Intune, as this seems to be the preferred/recommended mechanism suggested by Microsoft (when available). 

Here's a specific example. Take, for example, "Microsoft To-Do", which is available as a built-in app.

If I add the app the "old way" as a "Managed Google Play app", and assign it to my test group, it applies and gets deployed/installed successfully. Now, I try using the same criteria but instead add the app from the "Built-in apps" catalog, and it never deploys, and is listed as "Not Applicable" to those in my test group. I've tried every combination possible, and have verified:

- We're using Android 9+ on the test devices

- The devices are all either enrolled/managed, or BYOD - it doesn't matter

- The devices have Work profiles

- The app isn't already installed 


Is there any place where Intune might log or provide more information as to why it rules out a device/user as "not applicable" for a given app/policy? I am stumped, and can't get any Built-in apps (so far I have tried about a dozen different ones) to deploy.



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best response confirmed by Bob Manjoney (Steel Contributor)

@Bob Manjoney  For Android Enterprise enrollments, apps need to be deployed from Managed Google Play.

Thanks! Is that documented some place? I clearly missed that restriction.

@Bob Manjoney  That document page is horribly misleading. The list of built-in apps is just to make it easier for admins to search for public apps that support Intune SDK (ie. Supports Intune app protection policies). There's no real benefit to publishing apps this way imo.

Thanks for confirming. I agree. Even the term "Built-in apps" is confusing. When I first saw this, I asked, "built-in to *what*"? I had to read it several times before I understood what they were referring to. If they called them something like "Intune-curated apps" that might be clearer.