Unable to add Fingerprint Windows Hello for Business

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I have been trying to implement the cloud only setup for Windows Hello on an AD joined device. I have created a user, a group and assigned the group to a device configuration profile Device Configuration Profile.PNG


The PIN policies work just fine on the device, however i am unable to add a fingerprint. 


Fingerprint error.PNG

When i enable "Use Windows Hello for Business", i am able to add and use a fingerprint, but my PIN policies do not apply (Min PIN is 6 and Max is 127) and when i have it as Not Configured, my PIN policies work again but i am unable to add or use the fingerprint logon. 

Is there anything i am missing on my cloud only set-up?


My other current configurations on Intune are

- Intune>Device Enrollment>Windows Enrollment>Hello for Business>Settings> Not Configured


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@jeffreyg7 I have the same issue with WH4B enabled by GPO. I have multiple machines that were enabled previously without issue. I've confirmed the same behavior on 1809 and 1903.

I have the same issue.

Is there no solution for that?

same here also !!