Unable to Access Play Store

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So, I've had an ongoing issue with my Pixel 4 XL running Android 12 that I've been ignoring until it really got in my way. That's finally happened.


I'm unable to access the managed Play Store on my personally-owned device because I'm unable to sign in to a Google account. I wasn't sure what the issue was at first until I tried adding a Google account and realized that's what's blocked. According to this post and reply by @Matthew Butcher, this is by design. I didn't have this issue on my old Galaxy s5.


Has anybody else ran into this issue? If so, were you able to find a fix?

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If it's a BYOD device, you have access to the normal Play Store with your own account. The Managed one has it's own Google account and it used to publish/install apps on Android.
Thanks for the reply!

That was my experience previously with my Galaxy s5. Now, when trying to add my work Google account I get a "Blocked by your IT admin" message. I reviewed our config and I don't see where this would be blocked in Intune.

Something I hadn't considered is our Android Enterprise settings, which I don't have access to. Before I continue further, I'm going to try a factory reset and see if the issue persists.
And did the issue persist?
Got a chance to work on this this morning. I didn't do a full factory reset, only re-applied MDM. I'm now able to access the managed Play Store.