UAC - Elevation prompt for standard users


I had the thread opened, with no real resolution:


Anybody has any more ideas why it simply does NOT work for me (apart from runas only)



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@Sebastian cerazy 

Have you tried configuring UIA elevation prompt behavior in endpoint protection device configuration in endpoint manager? Elevation prompt for standard users - "Prompt for credentials on the secure desktop" and Route elevation prompts to user's interactive desktop - "enabled"

Ofcourse that is where I have it configured:



Can you check if the setting is applied on the device? No conflict settings from baselines?

Yes, registry entries do exist

Okey, I will try to reproduce this behavior in lab. Will come back with results.

Anybody any input?

@Sebastian cerazy 

I have tried to recreate the same problem but do not get the same results as you. Can you take a bump on your policies and send to me? 

Exported json for Intune - Local device security options is here


It is the only policy that touches localSecurityOptionsStandardUserElevationPromptBehavior




this worked for me thx , how do I stop something like chrome from installing , as when I cancel admin credential popup it says can install with out admin credentials