Two MDM Solutions with One Office 365 Tenant

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We have a requirement to use two different MDM solution with one Office 365 tenant because of user experience issues. Can we use two MDM solution e.g. MobileIron and Intune with one tenant? If yes, what are the gotchas we should be aware of? Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks!

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@CloudTechie It'll probably introduce quite some complexity, but yes, you could. You can setup Intune and have it also get device compliance information out of a third party MDM solution, like MobileIron. Have a look at this page for some info on this. In a previous organization I was in, they were running Jamf for Mac devices and Intune for the rest. Jamf was connected to Intune as described in the page above. I wasn't personally involved with setting it up though, but I'd expect some issues here and there to be honest.