Turning On Bing/Discovery in Edge via Intune

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HI Folks

We manage Edge for our users and some of them want to play with the new Big chat client.  I've used it and think it's kind of cool.  The potential is huge.

I cannot find the proper settings in the administrative templates or settings catalog.  If we use unmanaged Edge for a user, it shows up.  Here is the setting I can't flip.  Anyone know where it's buried in Intune Device Configurations?  Thank you.



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Hi @David Wanderer ,


Not sure about the "discover" functionality, but you can check the following:
Manage the sidebar in Microsoft Edge | Microsoft Learn
The policies explained there will match the ones available in Intune (or at least you know what to look for, if not added in Intune :) :(
Configure Microsoft Edge policy settings for Windows using Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn


If the setting is not available in the default set of policies, you could always use ProcMon (Process Monitor - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn) to figure out the registry location for this, but I assume this will be stored as a binary value.



Hi Matthias & David,

My findings here thus far have led me to believe that while Edge is in a managed state, the discover feature does not work as expected. With the 'enabled sidebar' and enable discover' Intune policy settings set to 'Enabled' it almost appears as though you are enforcing the 'On' state for the Discover feature, however, even with the settings enabled and correct registry keys in place the Discover feature does not seem to fire up.

When I set the above-mentioned Intune policy settings back to 'Not configured,' I then have the option to (very briefly before "policy" catches back up) toggle the Discover setting on my own browser but again, no change in behavior. That is to say you can briefly toggle the Discover option back and forth but won't be able to use the Discover option as intended.

My thinking is that there is some sort of bug being worked out otherwise I would expect things to work exactly as Intune policy settings describe when I have the correct Sidebar & Discover options enabled. I'll be happy to provide those reg keys as well if it would help others -- looking forward to other's findings here. We are excited to look at the potential of the Discover feature at our organization and want to confirm we can properly govern it!
Thanks for your udpate. I continue to experience the same. It would be great to allow users to start to play with bing chat. I would be interested in the reg keys if you have time to post. Thank you.

@David Wanderer Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you are in a managed environment with users logged in with their work accounts. For businesses, we offer Bing Chat Enterprise at no additional cost for specific Microsoft 365 subscriptions.


Please review the Bing Chat Enterprise FAQ to see if your tenant is eligible. You'll also find instructions on how to turn on BCE for your organization if you are eligible.



Hope this helps!

I've found similar and narrowed it down to the extensions management policies https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-manage-extensions

If I have ExtensionInstallBlocklist set to * then Bing Chat gets disabled and I cannot seem to find an id for it to allow it.


To have BCE enabled you need to allow the following extensions; 

"description": "Get contextual information about the content and web page you are currently on.",
"extension_id": "ofefcgjbeghpigppfmkologfjadafddi",


"description": "Get contextual information about the content and web page you are currently on.",
"extension_id": "nkbndigcebkoaejohleckhekfmcecfja",




@DWCloudMan, Thanks for your answers. The suggestion indeed works.
Just curious, If may I ask what extensions are these? Somehow I couldn't find these on the Microsoft edge store. Or may be I am missing something?
If you run edge://policy they are named as the description as in my previous post.
A link to the names is here >