Trying to push Notepad++ via InTune but get status of 'Failed'

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Trying to push latest version of Notepad++ via InTune but keep getting staus of Failed with this


When checking Endpoint Manager admin center I see:




Any ideas please would help ?


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Install behavior is user and the detection is for c:\program files... Shouldn't it be System?
Opps - I seemed to have totally missed that, thanks, shame you have to re-add the whole process just to change that part - will test it tomorrow.


So changed the 'Install behavior' to 'System' and although Company Portal says it installed now


When I looked at the user's Notepad++ folder it's still got the old version

Directory of \\lap-840g7-0040\c$\Program Files\Notepad++

16/07/2021 01:10 5,884,328 notepad++.exe
and the current rolled-out version is 8.4
08/12/2021 20:42 6,057,384 notepad++.exe

so back to scratching my head again :smile: 

If you install the old version on a test machine using the same command-line followed by the new version, does it work there?
Let me check that out and update you.

Hi @Harm_Veenstra 

So I managed to install an older version of Notepad++ ok

Then managed to get it updated by changing the Detection rule

  • Detection method:  String (version)
  • Operator:  Greater than or equal to
  • Value:  this I set to 8.4

So, I'm wondering if I do ned to use the  "Supersedence" - as that's what I trying before.
What I'd like to do is to use the "Supersedence" to enable updates (this is what I testing with  Notepad++) of other applications and don't want to keep changing the Detection values for every app.

You could do that too, create a new one as supercedence and uninstall the old and install the new one


So can I do the install & the uninstall in the portal app settings, I'd noticed that the uninstall is the bottom section of the Assignments?

Perhaps this is a nice step-by-step explanation for you? , it describes a Notepad++ upgrade
Thanks for this - I'll have to have a read this weekend
Let us know how it goes


So, got the following results at the weekend:

If MSI used then I'm unable to select [System] in Install Behaviour



If .exe used then I can select [System] in Install behaviour.



Can’t seem to get the status as shown on the link you'd provided:


I get the following – which could be the original link is now outdated



Both instances have to update the app manually, it would’ve been nice to just put the updated version on the Company Portal and have it update the out of date versions.
So, think I'll just tell the users to select the updated Portal applications if/when they want their apps as the latest version, I know I can can get it done via Powershell but wanted to avoid doing that to all the apps that'll need updating going forward over the years.

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I think you should use either Win32 packages and keep on superceding the old one with a newer one and uninstalling the previous one. Or use MSI to update