Trying to clear Chrome cache and cookies using Intune

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Hi guys! First time posting because I am at a loss and am trying to figure out how to do this. 


I need to clear the Cache and Cookies for Google Chrome on the computers on a schedule. I have Intune deployed on all of them, but I can not for the life of me find a way. 


The reason behind this is needing to clear them for the sake of our call center software that gets a bit clogged up when the cache grows to big. It's just one troubleshooting step for a bigger problem. 


Does anyone know of a way that I can clear the cache from chrome using intune on a schedule?

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@GreenixIT You can make use of the Google Chrome ADMX files and ingest them in Intune (Read more)(ReadMore)


The second option would be to create a scheduled task (via PowerShell script or MSI) that kicks off a script that loops through all profiles deleting the cache and cookie folders. (not recommended)

Hi GreenixIT,

As just Jan mentioned, there are different ways to do it. I have dome it before with Intune PowerShell scripts using below-

Hope this helps!

$Items = @('Archived History',
'Login Data',
'Top Sites',
'Visited Links',
'Web Data')
$Folder = "$($env:LOCALAPPDATA)\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default"
$Items | % {
if (Test-Path "$Folder\$_") {
Remove-Item "$Folder\$_"