Trusted certificate profile in Intune Stuck at Pending

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We need to deploy our Root CA and subordinate issuing CA Certificates to our Intune managed AAD only devices to support SCEP. We created a trusted certificate profile in Intune to provision these certs but however comma this profile is stuck at pending... How do I troubleshoot what is going on?

Microsoft how have I failed you :(

Intune supports use of the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) to authenticate connections to your apps and corporate resources. SCEP uses the Certification Authority (CA) certificate to secure the message exchange for the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). When your infrastructure supports SCEP, you can use Intune SCEP certificate profiles (a type of device profile in Intune) to deploy the certificates to your devices.

Configure infrastructure to support SCEP certificate profiles with Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Lear...

To use a SCEP certificate profile, devices must trust your Trusted Root Certification Authority (CA). Use a trusted certificate profile in Intune to provision the Trusted Root CA certificate to users and devices.

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I have the same problem! Any help would be appreciated