Trouble uninstalling a non-required app

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Good morning,


Our organisation is using the Corporate-owned fully managed device feature to deploy a small number of Android devices for our organisation. This is a process that was tested and refined over a number of months.


There's a situation now where an app (Outlook) was, in the past, categorised as a Required meaning that all devices have it installed. I've since changed that and Outlook is now just categorised as available. However, whenever I try to uninstall Outlook from one of these devices, I'm informed that Outlook is a required app and cannot be uninstalled.


There's clearly an issue there, but so far I've been unsuccessful in trying to troubleshoot the problem. Has anybody  else experienced a similar problem before where an app that used to be Required - but now isn't - can't be uninstalled?


Also, is this something that the Graph Explorer might help me with

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