Trial of MS Intune - Device not in Intune

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Hello, i have setup a trial of MS Intune and setup a user and placed this user in a group in inTune.

I have followed KB


I did not want to setup automatic enrollment for windows 10 devices as i have only a single machine that i want to enroll at the moment. on

then i enrolled this single machine

However the user connects fine, but i do not see this machine in InTune Device Enrollments

I guess the automatic enrollments needs to be added?

But im just concerned being a new person to this that i do not want all others windows 10 machines i have at the moment to be enrolled.

Is this the case?



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So i completed automatic enrollment for windows 10 devices as per below, and then
However im still not seeing this device in the device enrollments, this is windows 10 Enterprise N 1903 version.
i have verified i can see the device in windows Azure - devices.
But still nothing in Intune for devices or enrollments.