TPM Warning Message during Device Wipe

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Dear all,


When we initiate Intune device wipe (not Autopilot reset) on the Dell PC, it prompts a TPM clear message on the reboot. Usually we will just hit F12 to proceed with the device wipe and Autopilot.


However, sometimes we need a fully unattended workflow for our Kiosk PC setup. This prompt is preventing us to achieve a 100% zero touch experience. 


Is there a way to fix this via Intune?




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That screen would occur when the tpm is been wiped. Do you happen to have this option somewhere in the bios: "Presence for TPM clear" you could turn it off so that message isn't showed

Hi @Rudy_Ooms_MVP 


I watched a Dell video and it suggested that we meant to clear the TPM when reloading Windows.


Trusted Platform Module TPM DELL (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube


Here is the BIOS menu for Dell TPM Security.



I couldn't find the setting you mentioned.


However my thinking is, if it is not something I could control remotely with Intune, then we have introduce a manual step during onboarding process to adjust the BIOS setting.


If I am reading it correctly: you would need the cctk tool to disable the tpmppiclearovveride function (as you showed in the picture)
make some script and convert it to a win32app..

CCTK --TpmPpiClearOverride=Enabled --ValSetupPwd=