Tour the new features for Frontline worker devices in Intune

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For Frontline workers, it's essential to have devices that are secure, reliable, and easy to use. For the IT teams managing those devices, it can be challenging when you have to deal with different device types, user identities, and compliance requirements.
So, let's take a look at how enrollment, maintenance, and user experiences are made even easier across platforms! Get a tour of the new features that Intune has for Frontline worker devices. In this on-demand session of Microsoft Technical Takeoff, the following are covered:

  • Android AOSP app management
  • Device staging
  • Shared Device Mode
  • Improvements to Managed Home Screen
  • Firmware updates over-the-air
  • Remote Help on Android
  • Working Time policies

To get all of the details, watch it at Frontline worker device management in Microsoft Intune.

Frontline worker device management in Microsoft Intune.png

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