The Windows 10 update rings Setting don't work

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I have a windows 10 update rings, which is set in the attached picture.

But I found there has a problem that the pc will auto-restart after install the office 2016 patches. 

I want to find a solution that reminds the user before the pc start restart, is there has someone who knows how to resolve this issue?

Update ring settings.png

By the way, is windows 10 rings didn't support control office 2016 update programs yet?


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Hello @Arthur1128

Have a look at the settings I use. The deadline behavior should set you on the right track.



//Nicklas Ahlberg


Rock enroll blog: 



Thanks so much for your information.

I think your setting at the Automatic update behavior can resolve the problems I met.


I also wonder if it is okay to stop auto-restart without a prompt with the setting as below:

Automatic update behavior: Auto install at maintenance time.

Active hours start: 12 AM.

Active hours end: 12 AM


I think the Deadline setting is not the reason for the auto-restart after programs are installed because I think the default 7days is ok.


@Arthur1128 That should be fine as long as the update installation process does not take longer than 60 minutes. I would probably set: 11:00am - 12:30pm to make the magic happen during lunch time. 


//Nicklas Ahlberg