The user cancelled the app installation. (0x80070642)

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I am trying to deploy Avaya Communicator X One through Intune but having difficulty.

I can manage to install silently through powershell on a local machine but as soon as its loaded to intune I get this error within a minute of installing on the Company Portal - The user cancelled the app installation. (0x80070642)

I am installing myself and it is not being cancelled. I have reinstalled Windows multiple times and tried various different fixes.

I have tried with the .exe file and also extracting the msi. 
The log files that I have got don't seem to through anything up obvious.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi @scotth6 


You mentioned it works ok interactively using PowerShell but you're deploying using MSI and EXE in Intune.  How are you executing it in PowerShell, e.g. what parameters and rights context?  You could try packaging a PowerShell script to do it too.

Hi Scot,

I would use Win32 app and package MSI using IntuneAppUtility. Here is a good guide-

Hi Moe,
Yes tried that unfortunately. Tried packaging with the MSI and EXE through the apputility.

Thanks Ru,
I am just copying and pasting the PowerShell command which I did for another app and it worked.
"Avaya.exe" /silent is the Install Command which I input into Intune. Running this from PowerShell seems to do it.
Have you checked in the application install logs if you see something (this is different for each application)?

User cancelled the app install often happens when the app (or a dependency for it) is currently running)
These logs? C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs
I've had a look but not really sure what im looking for, there is nothing which is jumping out at me
No, the logs specific to the application. This differs from application to application.
Could be in C:\windows\temp or Appdata
Thanks. Can't see too much in there either. The log files I found are to do with Office telemetry or something.
It's something you would have to check with Avaya how to send logs, as this questions is really application specific