The New Intune and Conditional Access Admin Consoles are GA

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Does GA mean something different than it used to?


12-06-2017 12-22-02 PM.png

Hi Paul - that doesn't right. Can you please contact our support to see what's going on: ?

Your docs here still say the migrations are in progress.


Was the GA announcement supposed to happen after all the migrations were complete, or are they still ongoing? Should I just wait longer? I'd rather not spend a heap of time on the phone logging a ticket when you can probably find out very quickly what the situation is.


Look at the comment at the bottom of this page:


"Frankly, I think Intune support may be a myth.  The number listed for Intune support is answered by O365 support.  They know practically nothing about Intune.  I have opened two support requests to find out why my Intune tenant has not been migrated to Azure.  In both cases, I was told there were blockers.  When I told them I had checked everything multiple times and asked for them to specifically identify the blocker, my request was closed with the explanation that it would be fixed on June 30th."

Hi Paul - I believe there are still few tenants that weren't migrated due to some blockers. Check out this blog post to see, if your tenant is affected:



Yes, I saw that comment about reaching out to our support. That customer was already helped. We are working on making it easier to reach out to our technical support. If it is still not the case for you, please let me know.


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Nothing in my Message Center about blockers. This is impacting both my production tenant and my MVP demo tenant. The demo tenant was cleared of all configs and policies from the old Intune portal a couple of weeks ago so that I could start using the new portal, not that I had much in there to begin with. Some areas of the new portal work, but some (like that in my screenshot) still show that message.