The app doesn't appear on the Company portal

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Dear all,


Please see the below attached. I have managed to publish an app to a device but it doesn't appear on the company portal. Is it I set up wrongly, or I have missed out on some steps?



Will be grateful for any help you can provide.


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What is the assignment group? A device group? Is the device on it?

Hi@gerardoamadeus  Thank you. The assignment group is the user group. Is it got diff?

Just need to make sure that the logged on user in the group and the device are syncing properly in account. Start a manual sync. You can also try other app and same settings to validate.

Hi@gerardoamadeus Thank you. I will try again. I just remove the user account from the assigned group then put it in the device instead, and go to the device open the company portal and run the sync also, go to the Intune manager > Device > Sync the device.








If you have configured the assignment as "available" and configured a group of users where the user belongs to, the app normally will show up on the device after a sync and maybe some waiting.

Did you test it on multiple devices or only one?

Hi @Rudy_Ooms_MVP, I hope you're doing good. Yes, it's an available group and yes, only 1 member now which is me.

Here's the group.



I've tried to reboot the machine again and sync again however, still doesn't show on the company portal. The software I deploy by intune is already installed on my machine.