That's a wrap! Microsoft Endpoint Manager 1:1 consultations


Got Feedback? Microsoft Endpoint Manager 1:1 consultations


Our 1:1 consultations with engineers have wrapped up for our post-Ignite activities. Did you like them? Not like them? Miss them all together? Reply here with your feedback! We've already announced there will be another Microsoft Ignite in March 2021, date TBD. Should we do this again? Or do it differently? Now's the time to let us know! 



We know not every question is suitable to be asked in a public environment. And, you can't pull someone aside at a Microsoft Ignite booth this year to ask something privately. As a result, we are opening up some 1:1 consultations with Microsoft Endpoint Manager engineers so you can still dig in where you need to. You can sign up now here Appointments are available on weekdays until Thursday October 8th at different times of the day around the world. Slots will be limited but new slots may be added so check back! 


Here are the topics you can sign up for:

  1. Android Device Management
  2. iOS/iPadOS Device Management
  3. Intune App Protection for Mobile Apps
  4. Windows Device Management
  5. Endpoint Analytics 
  6. Endpoint Security
  7. Windows Autopilot
  8. Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager
  9. Support as a feature
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