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When integrating TeamViewer with Intune, does TeamViewer need to be installed on the client? Or is the connector and TeamViewer installed Admin side enough?


Info appreciated.

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I saw this ones at a customer, but that was a long time ago, I think that the Teamviewer client needs to be installed on the client, but it costs some mouse clicks for the end user to accept the incoming teamviewer request.
Thanks for the reply buddy.

I tested it out and you don't have to deploy it client side as they can click through to the QS version but probably best to.

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Does anyone have clear, step by step instructions on how to deploy TeamViewer client?

I'm finding the TeamViewer doc very difficult to understand:

Info appreciated
Hi Stuart,

I think the docs are the best place to start; I have used it before to deploy TeamViewer.
I also think it's possible to reach out to TeamViewer support in order for you to get assistance.

Have you created a policy within TeamViewer, that you have to deploy it with?
Hi Buddy

I found an easier to understand guide and think I have it working, just need to test the UX!!!

Thanks again
No worries!
Let me know, how it works out for you.