Teamsites auto mount

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Now as the Teamsites auto Mount is rolling out;

What is the official documentation from Microsoft to implement this in Intune so Clients automatically can get their Sharepoint Library synced in Onedrive from an administrator perspective?

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So far I have only seen documentation for GPO.


Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive\TenantAutoMount , string value with friendly name for the library as the name and the id you can copy when you hit "Sync" in SharePoint as the value.


"This feature is currently enabled in the Insiders ring only.

To try it, join the Windows Insider program or the Office Insider program."

Files on demand must be enabled.

- Jens Tore Fremmegaard -

@jenstfYes, I did manage to get it to work once for a few months ago, just for a day.. Not sure why I can't get it to work anymore.


I have also pushed a powershellscript to add that regkey and can confirm that the regkey is added With the document id, but still not working though..

Has anyone gotten his to work consistently?  I am looking to move my network shares to SPO and push them using them automount.  I have been battling the GPO for a few weeks now and have made zero progress.

@Christian Taveras were facing the same issue. Resolved it by reinstalling the OD4B client... After the reinstall the Teamsite was automatically added after some hours.

MS needs a serious look at the GPO config as waiting x-hours before doing a sync is just not workable... more even as after enabling "Configure team site libraries to sync automatically" the files are downloadable on demand; so no network congestion