Targeted HAADJ vs OU Filtering for Co-Management

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Hey All.


I am curious about the use cases of these two functionalities (targeted HAADJ and AAD Connect OU filtering). It seems like they accomplish the same thing: control which computers in your organization become Hybrid Azure AD Joined. My question is whether this is just two ways to accomplish the same thing or if I am misunderstanding what they do?


If they are the same, what reasons would someone use Targeted HAADJ over OU filtering?

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It’s the same.

Some complex environments (like multiple forest or existence of ADFS) would like to do targeted roll out for HAAD before enabling to everyone. So it’s basically an Admin preference.
Here is a good guide that talks about different environment considerations:

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It's the same thing and OU filtering has more control over your users and devices than syncing all at once. In that way you can sync only the required (targeted) devices with Hybrid Azure AD join mode.
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