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Take a Test - option for empty url field on launch / disable spellcheck for test account only

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Hi All,


We're in the process of implementing one-device-per-pupil with HP ProBooks managed enitirely with AzureAD / Autopilot / Intune.


It looks like the Take a Test feature with Quizzes created in MS Forms will be very useful for us, but I have found a couple of limitations. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get around these?


1) We will need to manage a large number of tests across our organisation and it's not viable for us to create a new device profile for every single test. If I set up Take a Test with Local Guest profile, is it possible to have Take a Test present a blank field into which the pupils can manually enter the short form of the MS Forms Quiz url to launch it?


2) I see there's an option to disable text suggestions, what I'd also like to do is be able to disable spellcheck. I'd not want to be disabling spellcheck for the main Edge policy, though, which is the most obvious way of doing it. Is there way of disabling spellcheck for only Take a Test instance of Edge?


Thanks in advance,



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