Switch off Android Work Profile

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Hi All


How can i switch of the usage of the android work profile? Before Android 10, everything was working as normal on the mobilephones, but now only apps in the android work section are able to access o365 data.

can this be switched off, so it does not need to be android work

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Intune portal > Devices > Enrollment Restrictions > Device Type Restrictions > All Users > Properties > Allow or disallow the platform you like.



I dont want to block android work devices.

What i want to achieve is, to be able to use outlook etc on my android in my normal profile, rather my work profile.



@Stef_2bit Do you have some Conditional Access rule(s) set that requires a managed device to access O365 services? 

@Mal_G no, i didn't create any settings. it was like this "out of the box"


1) Which email app are you using to access exchange? (Gmail or Outlook or Nine)

2) Are you using Personally Owned Android work profile or Corporate/Fully Owned work profile? 

I use outlook and its a personally owned phone.
By default, you are able to use Outlook outside of Work Profile.
What kind of error are you getting when you try to login outside of the Work Profile?

@Thijs Lecomte it tells me to install the intune company portal and wont let me login.

maybe its a setting in O365?

There are two choices:
Could you check the sign-in logs if there is a conditional access policy acces?

It's possible that you have pushed App Protection policies, which require the company portal on Android. Is this the case?