switch Gmail app from basic to modern authentication = smoothly for the user

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Hello community,


is there s smooth way to setup / switch the Gmail app from basic to modern authentication?

And force the modern authentication?


Best case: the user will not get any error; the user e.g. just has to sign into the M365 account again…







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Hi Thomas,

Does GMAIL app support modern auth now?

To answer your question, with Apple native mail app, user needed to remove their account and added it back using modern authentication. So it will not be seamless!

Hope this helps, good luck!
Hi Moe,

the Gmail app seams to support modern authentication for quite a while.


I just found ways: users should remove the Exchange Online account and add it manually back to the Gmail app :(

I hope someone else found a smoother way and will post ;)


This downloads the email to the Gmail app on the device but it does not add the email to Gmail correct? For example you cannot see any messages the Gmail app grabs on the Gmail web interface?

It also appears you don't have the full functionality of Primary Inbox or inbox categories?