Switch device from SCCM to Autopilot/Intune using only factory reset

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We are in the process of switching clients from AD/SCCM to Autopilot/Intune but i have a question about the how to make the switch on the client side. All devices are running Windows 10 or 11 and local AD Joined + sccm client + corp software.

Atm we are testing with the following procedure:


  • gather the hardware hash (either from SCCM or locally from the device) and import in autopilot
  • Factory reset the client device OS from Settings or UEFI management
  • During OOBE, connect to corp LAN or wifi. Also testing with personal wifi if @home
  • Autopilot picks up device and starts the onboarding process.
  • After this process, user is able to login and use device.

This is working for us when watching the pilot results. The only thing is that every KB acticles i read, they always seem to require reinstalling the operating system. For us, only requiring a factory reset is a way faster method and if this is also supported this would be our major preferred method.

Is there any downside using the above method instead of reinstalling OS that we are not aware off?




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What is the end objective and the desired state of the devices?
A factory reset IS a reinstall off the OS.


End objective is to have:


  • Least amount of effort needed and time lost when switching
  • device wiped from all installed software except OS
  • joined to azure ad & enrolled into intune
  • configured using the Intune configuration pofiles
  • corp apps installed using Intune
  • No need to unjoin local AD or SCCM. This will be cleaned up after

If we don't need to reinstall OS this would save us a ton of time. 

That's what i was thinking also. But a lot of KB articles and instructional website are talking about reinstalling the OS as part of switching. That's what got me confused and thinking about what i might be missing here ;)
You aren't getting it. When you do a factory reset the only thing that happens is that the OS gets reinstalled. So when you reset you are satisfying that requirement.
I work for a Microsoft Partner and pretty much only do Intune these days. Resetting pulls the Windows installer bits off of the recovery partition and runs the installer.

Are you trying to move away from domain joined state or looking to manage endpoints using Intune? If it is the latter, then you may be going about this the wrong way.

We are moving away from local domain join indeed and don't do hybrid. It's cloud only from now on.
I see then you are on the right track. Resetting the device will wipe the device to its factory state.