Surface Pro, EMS, Azure AD Join & Device Enrollment Managers

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Hello all,

My company just purchased some EMS licenses with the intention on deploying some Surface Pro devices to our mobile workforce.  


If these are joined to Azure AD using a Device Enrollment Manager account - do these limitations still apply?  Having no specific device user?  Not being able to to use per-user conditional access policies?


I guess I understand this with an iOS device -- because it only has 1 user - but with a windows device, the user authenticates with their Azure AD credentials, I would hope that user specific configuration would be able to apply to the device?


Any input would be appreciated.




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For Windows 1703, you can enroll those devices with a DEM account. Conditional access will work with a nonDEM account once the account logs in.




If I was you I will try out Windows AutoPilot instead of DEM account.


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Per Larsen

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I agree with Per Larsen. Windows AutoPilot is the way to go in the long-term. It is fairly new and not all tenants may have it enabled at this time. Your tenant might be ready, so visit the link below for more info.
Thank you. I would like to look into this. How do I know if it is available in my tenant?

If you see Devices under the Manage page when you log into Windows Store for Business or EDU.