Surface Hubs Show As Not Compliant

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I checked details and the built-in compliancy policy says they are not compliant because of the "Enrolled user exists."


How is this solved for Surface Hubs? 

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This could be a timing issue. Can you try run a compliance check on the device through Company portal app.

@Pa_D These are all Surface Hubs. 

@Kalimanne J  got it. I dont believe Surface Hib supports Intune Compliance policy yet.

We dont have an option to choose Windows 10 Team which represents Surface Hub.


This based on this article,

Manage settings with an MDM provider (Surface Hub) - Surface Hub | Microsoft Docs



This cannot be normal to just be marked not compliant without a solution.
How is is this issue handled?

@Pa_D This link says Surface Hubs are supported for compliance policies.