Surface Hub managed by Intune & Licensing via EMS

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We have a few Surface Hubs in our organization which I'd like to add to intune.  Obviously these devices should not be associated with a specific user, so I started looking into the Device Enrollment Manager (DEM) feature as a way to join the devices w/o tying them to a user.  


Reading the doc on DEM ( leaves me with the impression that each device enrolled using a DEM requires it's own intune license.  We get intune as part of EMS, which is licensed per user, not per device.  Do we need to buy additional per-device intune licenses for each surface hub?


Or, am I on the wrong track altogether?  Is there a better way to enroll the Hubs in intune w/o a user association?



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Hi Steve,


as far as I understand the documentation you could enroll your Surface Hubs with an device account and this account needs an Skype 4 Business license basically. In future this might be changing because of Teams but for now it's S4B. If you use more than S4B you might add some lics like Intune, AAD, etc.


So create a device account for every Surface Hub and enroll it with the account. The accounts are licensed with S4B and you are good to go.