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Surface Duo Android Outlook app not opening emails, sending emails after opening the device

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One of the users has recently enrolled a recently purchased Surface Duo to their Azure Intune MDM (fully managed device, not work profile).


The user loves the device and after a few days of use, she is having an issue with Outlook. The app works, then when you close the Duo and open after some time, outlook does not receive new email, when she writes an email and tries to send it will say something went wrong, and when you try to open an email it wont (she taps, but nothing happens). When she uses the app in two screen mode, the inbox goes empty. Outlook just stops functioning


when she quits the app and opens, it works as normal. But same thing happens after she reopens the device after close.


outlook version 4.2121.2, updated on 11 June 2021


What she has tried:


Reset and readded account in Outlook

Cleared cache and storage in the aps list of settings


What she has attempted:


She tried to uninstall Outlook but it says you cannot uninstall or delete

She tried to remove the updates via the play store, but the says uninstallation failed


Things to note:


She still gets notifications in the android notification center

When she replies to that, it works and then outlook works as normal UNTIL you close the lid and reopen.


We are going to ask to use the gmail app for now (closest thing to outlook app). But is there a way to uninstall the outlook app on the surface duo? Do we need to use ADB to remove?


We posted this originally in the microsoft community:

Surface Duo Android Outlook app not opening emails, sending emails - Microsoft Community


Some peope have left comments saying they are also getting this issue but when using outlook in a personal profile, it works as normal.

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ok, there was an update to outlook mobile on android to version 4.2122.1 (412122809). currently, after a hour or so, the issue has seem to have resolved with this version. we are still testing but all seems to be good. you may need to restart the Duo device as there were some other updates that caused the keyboard not to display