Suppress the Quick Start functionality in iOS for DEP/Supervised devices

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Hi All


Is there any ability to suppress the Quick Start functionality in iOS for DEP/Supervised devices?


The Quick Start feature is what allows you to setup one iOS device by holding another iOS device you already use near the new one and allowing them to share settings.


Can this be suppressed or turned of for DEP Supervised devices?


Info appreciated

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Hi Stuart,

Yes, you can achieve it by going to IOS Enrollment->Enrollment program tokens->Create Profile (if you don’t have one) ->Click on Profile->Create profile (if you don’t have one)->Hide ‘Device to Device Migration‘ (end of list).

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Buddy
I already have this set to Hide

@Stuart King I'm experiencing this issue as well.  I have a test DEP profile with "Device to Device Migration" set to Hide.  I've assigned the test DEP profile to the serial number of a test iPhone and even after resetting the device to factory settings in DFU mode, it still prompts for Quick Start mode.  We're trying to avoid this bug

@Stuart King  I don't think this is possible, since Quick Start can be initiated before the device contacts Apple's activation server for DEP. If anyone finds a workaround, please keep me in the loop, as I've been trying to find a solution for this for a while now also. Thanks.

@eglockling I agree.  I noticed that as well before it started contacting the server to download the profile.  Unfortunate.

@Chad Pearson @eglockling 


Available in Jamf apparently:


Can someone confirm if this is an Intune limitation?


Info appreciated

@Stuart King  My previous organization (a couple of years ago) used Jamf to manage devices, and from what I remember it was the same. Quick Start is made available prior to the device receiving the enrollment profile, negating any parameter that was set from the MDM authority. I'm fairly certain we'll need to lean on Apple for this one.



Fair enough


Still doesn't stop the client complaining that even though Restore is set to Hide in the DEP Enrollment profile the device still looks to connect to another device.


Any ideas?

@Stuart King 

You can prevent a Supervised device from being the source device for Quick Start / Proximity setup, but I’ve not found a way to stop the new device displaying the option.


If false, disables the prompt to set up new devices that are nearby. Requires a supervised device. Available in iOS 11 and later.

Thats cool. But how do we apply the payload via InTune. I have configured Apple Business manager with InTune. The enrollment profile is configured. Where do we configure this payload to hide the quick start menu?
I'm also curious about doing this for supervised devices that we managed via Intune.. Any solution found for this?

I'm not sure how it would be possible to get rid of that screen since it is displayed before the WiFi network prompt.  The device doesn't know about any MDM configuration at that point.