Suppress popups during push app installation

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we are just deploying an MDM / Intune pilot for the mobile devices of a customer. I have published the first set of policies and enrolled the first iOS device. I have defined some applications as required and they are successfully pushed. But in Android I don't have to click every time for "Yes, I want to allow the installation of Outlook", "Yes, I want to allow the installation of OneDrive". In iOS I get popups for each application I want to push. This is very longsome and exhausting.

Ist it possible to make the enrollment for iOS a bit smoother even when I don't use DEP?

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This is not possible without having a DEP enrolled phone.

If it's not DEP enrolled, you will get this pop-up

@Thijs Lecomte 

Clear answer, thanks.

But I guess this would be valid for "Apple Configurator" enrolled devices as well?