Supported Browsers for InTune


Is there a timeframe in which the InTune Admin Center will support either an up to dat Chrome Browser or MS Edge?

There is so much frustration around having to have 3 different browsers installed on a Windows 10 machine.


Currently the InTune Admin Center only supports Chrome (version 41 and earlier) and IE.


As Edge gets pushed harder and harder, how can the admin tools not be kept inline?

(I cant access Intune Admin Center from a Surface hub, a Mac or any of our Windows 10 machines unless I push out IE to them)

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We're in the process of updating the link in the admin center. You should see this reflected next week.

Hi has this issue been fixed? I just signed up to Intune for the first time and I get the browser incompatibility error in Edge, IE11, Firefox ESR and Chrome! Please help! What is the exact link to access Intune? The ones I received in the registration eMail all don't work!
Intune is not located at and no longer requires Silverlight.
Could you please tell me how you are accessing it? I just signed in to Azure and was only able to access it there, but not from the direct link provided in the registration email. In my O365 admin console I can't find it.

Intune in Azure is still so limited that it is a hard sell for any company..

They need to focus hard on porting all functionallity over AND get the graph api out of beta..

It really is going too slow...

@Jakob Strøm,  I don't have a lot of experience with Intune and I'm curious, could please provide some examples of the functionality that is missing?