start menu xml through AutoPilot, no option to Pin To Start for any apps

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    Trying to setup or aligned start menu icon through xml file, it install and icons looks good, but user can't add icon anymore. Option to Pin to start is not available. attach is the xml file.







Picture above showing if user right click, there is no option to Pin To Start (any apps)..


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@Swaminathan_Arumugam thanks for your reply.

I did tried "OnlySpecifiedGroups" in xml file. it works fine and was able to Pin To Start. The issue would be now, user can't add to existing group in StartMenu as shown below.



@Orion-Skol If you apply start layout from centralized managed like gpo or sccm user cant modify the groups that are locked.


If apply then local policy (replace the default xml file) then user can