Single app Windows kiosk - running Edge in Public Browsing mode


I'm building out a single app kiosk profile running Edge in public browsing mode, as part of that I'm enabling the "Kiosk Address Bar Editing Enabled" option (see link below to setting detail) but the setting doesn't appear to work, has anyone had success applying this kiosk setting in a config profile? 



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I've been using the Browser CSP for this. "Browser/ConfigureKioskMode" is what you seem to be looking for. If set to "1", this basically executes Edge like this, which will also activate a whole set of policies for restrictions:

msedge.exe --edge-kiosk-type=public-browsing


It's also available in the "Kiosk" configuration profile template, when you select "Add Microsoft Edge browse" as the application type. 


To quote the docs: 

  • If it’s a single app, it runs a limited multi-tab version of InPrivate and is the only app available for public browsing. Users can’t minimize, close, or open windows or customize Microsoft Edge, but can clear browsing data and downloads and restart by clicking “End session.” You can configure Microsoft Edge to restart after a period of inactivity by using the “Configure kiosk reset after idle timeout” policy. For single-app public browsing: If you don't configure the Configure kiosk reset after idle timeout policy and you enable this policy, Microsoft Edge kiosk resets after 5 minutes of idle time.
We are using the Public Browsing kiosk mode, but what does not seem to work is the "Read Only Address Bar" setting that is supposed to be supported by that mode (see the reference to it being supported here:

Setting Detail:
Configure address bar editing for kiosk mode public browsing experience
Supported versions:
On Windows since 87 or later
This policy only applies to Microsoft Edge kiosk mode while using the public browsing experience.
If you enable or don't configure this policy, users can change the URL in the address bar.
If you disable this policy, it prevents users from changing the URL in the address bar.